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Project Overview

YouGive is an app that helps shelters get the things they need, when they need them. People want to give, but often do not know how. YouGive creates transparency between the user and the shelters. This project was created for ProtoHack, a 12-hour hackathon, in November 2016.


The Problem

We were tasked with coming up with a solution to any facet of homelessness.


My Role

In a 3-person team, I was the sole designer responsible for final deliverables.



We were given approximately 12 hours to meet new people, form teams, and submit a project pitch.


User Research

Due to the short time constraints of the event, we were only able to interview six people wandering around the area nearby. We compiled all the interviews conducted and were able to pinpoint some similarities in giving/donating tendencies.


The Design Process

After interviewing people, we knew we wanted to create a transparent way for people to donate. We decided to create a mobile app registry for shelters, food pantries, or campaigns to list out exactly what and how many items they need. By creating a registry, users can see donation opportunities nearby, exactly what is needed, and knowledge of where their donations go. 


User Flow

Once the user opens the app, we want to give users an idea of what the app is. From there, a screen will prompt them to sign up, log in (as a user or shelter), or continue as guest. We decided to include an option to continue as guest because we didn't want to force users who planned to donate just once to sign up for an account. We wanted to create as little friction as possible to get users up and ready. Hopefully through using the app, those one-time guests will see the value in YouGive and sign up for an account the second time they want to donate.



It was important for us to show opportunities as clearly as possible to the user. The first screen we wanted to show is a map/list view of shelters nearby in need of donations.



Even though we had a limited amount of time before the submission deadline, we wanted to create high-fidelity mockups. We wanted to show how each organization would look next to each other. We believed showing the "Items" and "Causes" pages in high-fidelity would better illustrate the transparency between user and shelter than a wireframe could.


Next Steps

• Build out the shelter's view of the app

• Add a page to the profile view to show everything a user has donated in total

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